Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mukkutti ( Biophytum sensitivum )

Mukkutti is a small  flowering plant.
It has pinnate leaves with 8 to 10 leaflets on either sides
spreading out from a common base.

Each plant produces five to ten small flowers with yellow petals.
Mukkutti is an important flower, which is used in athappoo.

Mukkutti is a good medicine. Its used as a tonic,stimulant and
in the treatment of stomach ache, diabetes and asthma.

Mukkutti (Biophytum sensitivum) belongs to the family Oxalidaceae.


  1. Dear Sr:
    I'm looking to buy seeds from this plant, maybe you can tell where can i buy them. I'm going to use it for fever and stomach aches. Besides is a beautifull plant to keep around the house.I'm willing to pay from the seeds and the shippment.
    Thank you

    Guido Alvarez
    Florida 142 suite 1C
    Capital federal 1001.
    Buenos Aires. Argentina

    Argentina and Colombia

  2. I’m a plant lover and trying to find seeds from this little plant from India ( Mukkutti or Biophytum sensitivum), maybe you can help me with my search. I understand, that there is two varieties of this plant (Yellow and White).


    Let me know how much it will be, and I will send you the money thru Western Union.
    Thank you very much.

    Guido Alvarez
    Florida 142 suite 1C
    Capital Federal 1005
    Buenos Aires, Argentina